Flights Cancelled due to the Volcano eruption

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28 Lis 2017

Flights Cancelled due to the Volcano Eruption.

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issue warning- wydać ostrzeżenie

shifting cloud of volcanic ash- przemieszczająca się chmura pyłu wulkanicznego

force the cancellation of flights- wymusić odwołanie lotów

Indonesia has issued its highest-level aviation warning for flights around Bali as a shifting cloud of volcanic ash closed the airport on the holiday island of Lombok and forced the cancellation of flights for thousands of passengers.

planes were rerouted- samoloty zostały przekierowane

total closure- całkowite zamknięcie

The flights of about 5,000 passengers were cancelled on Sunday and another 2,500 holidaymakers could not get in because their planes were rerouted or never took off.”Once the airports find volcanic ash trace, we’ll close down the airport for flights,” said  chief of Bali’s Ngurah Rai airport.  The airport authority is preparing for the worst-case scenario — a total closure caused by a shifting ash cloud.

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