Aviation Scholarship (stypenium) programs

applications- wnioski/ podania/ zgłoszenia
scholarship programs- programy stypendialne
donors- darczyńcy/ sponsorzy
renewable- odnawialny
More than $135,000 in financial aid opportunities for flight training, college aviation studies, and residence camps are now open for applications through the Experimental Aircraft Association’s  scholarship programs. The programs are supported by aviation-minded donors who are helping to build the next generation of flight, noted EAA officials.The awards vary from $500 grants to four-year, renewable $10,000 college scholarships.
internships- praktyki
attend….- uczęszczać na/ uczestniczyć w (kursach/ zajęciach/ praktykach)
Categories include flight training scholarships, college scholarships, internships, and “camperships” to attend the EAA Air Academy each summer.
in turn- z kolei
pursue flight- realizować karierę/ pasję (etc.) latania
make it happened- zrealizować/ umożliwić realizację
“As with many aspects of higher education, finding the funding to make aviation dreams come true can be a challenge,” said Bret Steffen, EAA’s director of education. “EAA is fortunate to have dozens of members and benefactors who want to give back to the world of flight through our scholarships. As with many scholarships nationwide, we encourage all qualified applicants, who in turn help us encourage more support from the aviation world. We want to ensure that young people who want to pursue flight get the support they need to make it happen.”
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