Airbus A 350-1000 gets airworthy

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2 Gru 2017

Airbus A 350-1000 gets airworthy

Airbus press release fragments: 

deliver the first aircraft- dostarczyć pierwszy samolot

We now look forward to deliver the first aircraft to Qatar Airways by the end of the year.

enter commercial service- rozpocząć loty/pracę w liniach lotniczych

take beyond design limits- sprawdzić w warunkach bardziej wymagających od limitów projektowych

meet all airworthiness criteria- spełnić wszystkie kryteria dopuszczenia do lotów

The Type certification is a requirement for the aircraft to enter commercial service. This decision comes after an intensive flight tests that have taken its airframe and systems beyond their design limits to ensure the aircraft successfully meets all airworthiness criteria. The three A350-1000 flight test aircraft powered by Rolls-Royce engines successfully accumulated over 1,600 flight hours. Of these 150 flight test hours were completed with the same aircraft in an airline like operational environment to demonstrate its readiness for entry into service.

accomodate- pomieścić

trailing-edge- krawędź spływu

main landing gear- podwozie główne

The A350-1000 has a longer fuselage than A 350- 900 to accommodate 40 more passengers, it also features a modified wing trailing-edge, new six-wheel main landing gears and more powerful Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 engines.

unprecedented level of efficiency- wyjątkowy/ bezprecedensowy poziom wydajności/ skuteczności

unrivalled comfort- niezrównany komfort

A350-1000 is shaping the future of air travel by offering unprecedented levels of efficiency and unrivalled comfort in its ‘Airspace’ cabin.

capacity- możliwości/ charakterystyka

With its additional capacity the A350-1000 is perfectly made for some of the busiest long-haul routes. To date 11 customers from five continents have ordered a total of 169 A350-1000s.

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