Czasowniki nieregularne: Lotnictwo.

  1. become- became- become (stać się/ zostać) I became a pilot many years ago. I became a pilot because I wanted my dreams come true.
  2. begin- began-begun (rozpocząć) I want to begin my career as a professional pilot when I have the required number of hours in the air.
  3. catch-caught-caught (złapać/ chwycić) He had to spend the night at the airport because he didn’t catch the last flight home.
  4. choose-chose-chosen (wybrać) The emergency situation required immediate decision and the pilot chose the right option.
  5. feel-felt-felt (czuć/ odczuwać) When the plane was caught in the windshear, the pilots and the passengers felt strong turbulences as the aircraft rapidly descended .
  6. find-found-found (znaleźć) After some navigation problems, the pilot found the right vectors.
  7. fly-flew-flown (latać) 
  8. get-got-got (otrzymać) The pilots got the information from the cabin crew that one of the passengers had the symptoms of the heart-attack.
  9. give-gave-given (dać/ podać) The ATC gave the pilot the clearance for pushback.
  10. go-went-gone (jechać/ iść, etc.) 

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