pasażerowie w samolocie

Unruly Passenger Issue

unruly passenger behavior- nieodpowiednie/ niezgodne z przepisami zachowanie pasażera
the most common- najpowszechniejsze
intoxication- upojenie/ nietrzeźwość
compliance with smoking regulations- stosowanie sie do …/ przestrzeganie przepisów dotyczących palenia
disputes between the passengers- spory/ konflikty między pasażerami
IATA is calling on governments to increase the legal sanctions on unruly passenger behavior. Between 2008 and 2016, there were more than 58,000 unruly passenger incidents.
The most common unruly passenger issues in 2016 were, in order:

  • Intoxication (alcohol/narcotics)
  • Compliance with smoking  regulations
  • Disputes between passengers

powerless- bezradny
significant issue- ważny/ znaczący problem/ kwestia/ zagadnienie
effective- skuteczny
The main issue the industry has is that—under existing laws—the country of the aircraft registration has jurisdiction over unruly passenger incidents onboard flights. This means if an incident occurs when an aircraft is away from its home base, police at a foreign destination are powerless to deal with the situation, and too often those accused are released without charge.
Tim Colehan, IATA Assistant Director, External Affairs, said: “Unruly passengers remain a significant issue for the industry and the only way to deal with this problem is for governments, airlines and al the aviation community  to work together to resolve it. Together, with a more effective international sanctions and improved preventative action, we’ll make flying even safer and incident-free for all.”
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