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Flight 6W703 Crashing Near Moscow

head to – zmierzać do
More than 70 people died when a Russian passenger plane crashed shortly after take-off from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport on Sunday, officials say. Saratov Airlines flight 6W703 was heading to Orsk, a city near Russia’s border with Kazakhstan, when it went down near the town of Argunovo, about 50 miles south-east of Moscow. Witnesses said the plane, an Antonov An-148 aircraft, was in flames as it fell from the sky.
the plane was carrying 71 people- na pokładzie samolotu przebywało 71 osób
there were no survivors- nikt nie przeżył/ nikt nie ocalał
spread over a large area- rozrzucone na znacznym obszarze
unclear if there were any casualties among people on the ground- nie jest jasne czy są ofiary wśród osób, które przebywały na ziemi
The plane was carrying 71 people – 65 passengers and six crew members. Emergency services claim  there were no survivors.  Wreckage from the plane was reported to be spread over a large area and it was unclear if there were any casualties among people on the ground.
technical malfunction- problemy/ awarie techniczne
ask for clearance for emergency landing- prosić o zezwolenie na lądowanie awaryjne
to be  unable to reach the crash site-  nie być w stanie dotrzeć do miejsca katastrofy
Unamed investigators said the pilot had reported a technical malfunction and asked for clearance for an emergency landing at the nearby Zhukovsky International airport. Officials have not confirmed the report. Other reports said one of the plane’s engines may have exploded before the crash. Russian media reported that the emergency services had been unable to reach the crash site by road and rescue workers had walked to the scene on foot.
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