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FlightSafety Night Vision Goggle. ICAO zadanie egzaminacyjne 3.

FlightSafety International is expanding the availability ( poszerzać/ rozszerzać dostępność) of its night-vision goggle courses. NVG courses are being added at the company’s facilities in various American cities, including Dallas and Denver but also Stavanger, Norway covering simulators for helicopters built by Airbus Helicopters, Bell and Sikorsky.
The approved NVG courses are conducted (kursy są prowadzone) in FlightSafety’s Level D full flight simulators, which provide realistic training scenarios (zapewniają realistyczne scenariusze/ sytuacje szkoleniowe). The initial course includes in-depth instruction on (dokładny/ pogłębiony instruktarz)  the functionality of the hardware and how night vision goggles are used. Eight hours of ground school and eight hours of flight instruction in a full motion simulator are included, using scenario-based and mission specific exercises. The NVG course is followed by a review of the techniques during all phases of flight (podczas wszystkich faz lotu).
The training is dedicated to the missions such as helicopter air ambulance, law enforcement, search and rescue, airborne surveillance, fire and rescue, security and more.
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