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Flying After Brexit. Pytanie egzaminacyjne 3/ kategoria tematyczna: prawo/ przepisy.

ensure- zapewnić
there are currently no agreements- obecnie nie ma ważnych/ obowiązujących umów
out of UK aerospace- poza przestrzenią powietrzną Wielkiej Brytanii
There is a “vast amount” of work to be done to ensure that planes can continue to fly in and out of the UK after Brexxit  in March 2019.  There  are currently no agreements outside the EU that would allow aircraft to operate out of UK aerospace.
make progress- robić/ wykonywać postęp
on the basis of the assumption:it’s in the best interest-na podstawie założenia, że jest to w interesie/działa to na korzyść
recognized globally- uznawany na całym świecie
The UK needs make progress on those negotiations very quickly as the planes cannot fly on the basis of assumptions that it’s in the best interests of both the departure and the destination country to fly.  If the country doesn’t have  legal regulations recognized globally it can’t sell its products.
put an extra burden- nakładać dodatkowe obciążenia
damaging barriers- niszczące/ szkodliwe bariery/ ograniczenia/ przeszkody
additional paperwork- dodatkowa biurokracja
checks- kontrole
Airbus UK senior vice president Katherine Bennett said Brexit put an extra burden on her company, which employs 7,000 people at its Wales factory, among other staff in the country. Plane manufacturers will not face additional tariffs if they have to trade under World Trade Organisation rules but they will face potentially damaging barriers such as additional paperwork and checks at ports.
just-in-time basis- w miarę potrzeb/ na bieżąco
ultimately cope with …- ostatecznie poradzić sobie/ dać sobie radę z …
rely upon- polegać na …
Parts made at Airbus’ Wales plant are built on a just-in-time basis. ‚We really don’t need any customs paperwork getting in the way.’ While Airbus is a big company and will ultimately cope with the extra burden she said she was worried about the effect it would have on smaller firms which Airbus relies upon.
She also said she was trying to defend the UK’s strengths in high-value components such as wings, which are known as the “crown jewels of aerospace”. “Other countries would dearly love to design and build wings,” Ms Bennett said. “They are knocking at the door because of the position that we are in in this country.”
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