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A Southwest Airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing after a window cracked mid-flight. No one was injured in the incident.
There were no reports of injuries after Wednesday’s Flight 957, flying from Chicago to New Jersey, landed safely at Cleveland’s Hopkins International Airport.
„The aircraft has been taken out of service, and our local Cleveland employees are working diligently to accommodate the 76 customers on a new aircraft to Newark,” the airline said in a statement.A spokeswoman for Southwest said the aircraft never lost cabin pressure. She added that the pilots did not declare an emergency before landing and there were no other mechanical problems with the plane.
Passengers said the emergency exit window shattered and pictures showed the damage.
It followed two weeks after another Southwest jet made an emergency landing when an engine blowout caused shrapnel to puncture a window, causing a passenger to become partially sucked out of the plane. The passenger was the airline’s first fatality, knocking the Dallas-based firm from its position as the safest airline in the world by passengers flown.
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