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Air France on Strike Again. ICAO 4- zadanie egzaminacyjne 3/ kategoria tematyczna: praca w liniach lotniczych.

trade union members- członkowie związków zawodowych
pay increase- wzrost płac/ pensji
loss-making- przynoszący straty
The Air France  trade union members are planning to walk out  as they press for a 5.1% pay increase this year from their loss-making airline. “I call on everyone to be responsible: crew, ground staff, and pilots who are asking for unjustified pay rises,” France’s economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, told BFM television. “Be responsible. The survival of Air France is at stake.”
walk-outs- porzucenie pracy/ przerwy w pracy
make necessary efforts to be competitive- podjąć niezbędne działania aby być konkurencyjnym
Strikes have already cost Air France €300m (£265m) with walk-outs by pilots, ground staff and other workers.The minister warned that the state, which owns 14.3%,might not be able to  rescue the airline. “Air France will disappear if it does not make the necessary efforts to be competitive.
maintain- utrzymać/ tutaj: zrealizować
condemn- potępić
carrier- przewoźnik
Despite the strike, the company says it will be able to maintain 99% of long-haul flights, 80% of medium-haul and 87% of short-haul.  “Air France condemns the decision to go ahead with the strikes as we enter a period that will not enable negotiations to continue in order to put an end to it,” the carrier said.
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