samolot stojący na lotnisku

The UK Supreme Court on Emirates and Compensation for Passengers.

delay compensation- odszkodowanie z tytułu opóźnienia
miss connecting flight- nie zdążyć na lot łączony

The UK Supreme Court didn’t grant Emirates the permission to appeal against a ruling on delay compensation for passengers who missed connecting flights.

Civil Aviation Authority- Urząd Lotnictwa Cywilnego
urge sb. to … – wezwać do …

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has urged the Dubai-based carrier to pay compensation following the decision.

delay by more than 3h at final destination- opóźnienie/ spóźnić się o ponad trzy godziny w miejscu docelowym

The airlines want to fight the claims of the  passengers who were delayed on arrival at their destination because late inbound flights. The CAA  estimated that more than 200,000 passengers annually on the five airlines could potentially be „at risk” of missing connections and being delayed by more than 3h at their final destination.

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