Autonomous Air-Taxi/ Vertical Take-Off/ Zero Emissions.

Zadanie egzaminacyjne 3/ kategoria tematyczna: przyszłość lotnictwa.
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17 Lip 2018

Autonomous Air-Taxi/ Vertical Take-Off/ Zero Emissions. Zadanie egzaminacyjne 3/ kategoria tematyczna: przyszłość lotnictwa.

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lead the race- prowadzić w wyścigu


emerging technologies- pojawiające się/ nowe/ nowatorskie technologie

disclose funding- ujawnić/ podać sumę finansowania

Two start-ups leading the race to build the first self-flying taxis are using money from the US Military. Last year, Kitty Hawk and Joby Aviation received a total of nearly $2m from the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx), a Pentagon organization founded to help America’s military make faster use of emerging technologies. Neither company, nor the DIUx, disclosed the funding at the time.

ENTER HERE TO MEET CORA!! Beautiful presentation of the aircraft.

emphasize role in …- podkreślać swoją rolę/ znaczenie 

vertical take-ff and landing- pionowy start i lądowanie

Kitty Hawk experimental air taxi on its website emphasizes its role in solving urban transportation challenges: “Cora is about the time you could save soaring over traffic. The people you could visit. The moments that move you.” Although there are many startups and established aerospace companies competing to develop electric vertical take-off and landing (e-VTOL) taxis – includingUber, Airbus and Boeing – Kitty Hawk and Joby are among the most advanced ones.

airworthiness certificates- świadectwa dopuszczenia do lotu

detail exactly- szczegółowo podawać/ określać

fly over a sparsely populated area- latać nad zamieszkanym przez niewiele osób terenem

municipal airport- lotnisko miejskie

traditional horizontal flight- tradycyjny poziomy lot

Experimental airworthiness certificates which have been granted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) detail exactly how and where the aircraft are being tested. Kitty Hawk received permission to fly over a sparsely populated area around the municipal airport in Hollister, California, about 60 miles south of the company’s Silicon Valley headquarters. Cora combines 12 helicopter-style rotors for vertical takeoff and landing, with wings and a tail rotor for traditional horizontal flight.

correspond to … – odpowiadać/ przekładać się an …

initial test – wstępny test

hovering – unoszenie się

transition to a horizontal flight – przejście do poziomego lotu

Although Kitty Hawk has said Cora would have a top speed of 110mph and a range of 62 miles, its FAA application says that it can actually reach speeds of 150mph, with a battery life of 19 minutes. That would correspond to less than 50 miles in range, although the aircraft does have 10 minutes (up to 25 miles) of reserve power. For its initial tests Cora would fly over Hollister airport, approximately three times per week. Later tests would include vertical takeoff and landing, hovering, and transitioning to horizontal flight at up to 5,000ft. Its FAA certificate permits Cora to fly itself, with a pilot overseeing it from a control station on the ground.

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