skrzydło samolotu podczas lotu w chmurach

Benefit- naturalne konteksty zastosowania, prosto do egzaminu ICAO English.

’Benefit’ jako czasownik- „skorzystać”

  1. Aviation and pilots have largely benefitted from the development of digital technology.
  2. Many businessmen benefit from holding PPLs by significantly cutting down the time dedicated to business travels.
  3. I personally benefitted from becoming a pilot by raising the level of my self-confidence and learning new skills and competence.

’Benefit’ to także rzeczownik- „korzyść”!

  1. There are many benefits of constructing airports outside cities: reduction of noise pollution and dedicating large sites to business or residential building development.

'Benefit’ występuje także w przydatnych związkach frazeologicznych: 
derive benefit from … – czerpać korzyść z …/ korzystać na …
The pilots derive a lot of benefit by upgrading their competence when the participate in professional training.
’Benefits’ to także „zasiłki”, „dodatkowe formy wynagrodzenia”, doskonale pokazuje to przykład: benefits for pilots   :
Most pilots, particularly those working for commercial airlines, receive a set of benefits including health, life, vision and dental insurance, as well as a retirement plan.