'Aviationalise' your 2019 :)

No, there is no word like 'aviationalise' in English, at least officially ;). But English has fantastic capacity to create your own words, should you so wish! 
And this word evokes truly ICAO4U team NewYear 2019 greeting to all of you. The meaning would actually stand for ' make your 2019 full of flying adventures, progress and challenges'.
If you:

  • haven’t taken your course yet… don’t hesitate, enlist now, learn, acquire knowledge and enter the exam comfortably. And then: sky is the limit, if you intend to join airlines or practise your dreams of flying privately in/to any destination of the world,
  • if you have already taken the exam… don’t stop learning. Set a challenge to upgrade your level: 4 to 5 or 5 to 6 and enjoy the awareness of ever increasing progress!

So, once again: 'aviationalise' your 2019!


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