FINNAIR develops AI tool

Finnair and artificial intelligence (AI) company Silo have developed the tool which enables the airline to predict possible disruptions to air traffic more accurately.

  • For all airlines flight punctuality is one of the most significant factors  that affect passenger  satisfaction, and Finnair says this solution can be used to take a look at the impact of weather on the punctuality of flights.
  • If this proves effective, preparations for irregularities can be done in advance.

Juha Karstunen, digital transformation lead at Finnair says

We tested the artificial intelligence solution in the pilot phase last winter and the results were encouraging. The goal is to implement the solution as part of a broader technical reform later this year. We are also developing other intelligent solutions to support decision-making. Exceptional weather conditions are common in air travel, and our goal is always to minimise their impact on our customers’ travel plans.

  • predict disruptions- przewidzieć zakłócenia/ disrupt- zakłócać
  • develop the tool- opracować narzędzie

 !! 'develop’ to nie tylko- rozwinąć, ale także oprcować/ zaprojektować/wdrożyć, np. The tool which we have developed will facilitate pilot’s performance

  • significant factor- znaczący czynnik
  • affect passenger satisfaction- mieć wpływ na poziom zadowolenia pasażerów
  • prove effective- okazać się skutecznym

!!  'prove’ to nie tylko udowadniać coś komuś, ale także 'udowodnić, w znaczeniu 'sprawdzić się’, np. He proved to be a great pilot in all emergency situations

  • implement the solution- wprowadzić rozwiązanie
  • support decision-making- wspierać/ pomagać w procesie podejmowania decyzji
  • exceptional weather conditions- wyjątkowe warunki pogodowe


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