Suing Boeing for damages- ICAO Levels 5 and 6

  • sue for breach of the contract – pozywać za złamanie zapisów kontraktu
  • grounded – uziemiony
  • bring lawsuit against … – wytoczyć sprawę przeciwko …

Aircraft leasing firm Avia Capital services is suing Boeing for breach of contract in relation to the grounded 737 Max jets. This marks the first lawsuit brought against the US manufacturer by a customer over the safety crisis.


  • negligent actions – zaniedbania
  • defective – wadliwy
  • withhold critical information – ukrywać najbardziej doniosłe dane/ informacje

Avia Capital Services is citing that the two deadly clashes, which killed a total of 346 people were due to “negligent actions and decisions of Boeing” not just in designing a plane that was “defective” but also in “withholding critical information” from the US aviation safety regulator during certification.

  • disclose information – ujawnić informacje/ dane
  • cancel order – odwołać/ wycofać zamówienie
  • damages – odszkodowanie

Avia Capital claims that Boeing “intentionally” failed to disclose information about the airworthiness of the Max to its customers  in order to persuade them to buy the aircraft. Before the worldwide grounding in March, Avia ordered 35 Max 8 jets from Boeing, and now it wants the order cancelled.

The Financial Times said that Avia Capital now wants the deposit to be returned by Boeing with interest, along with $75 million in “lost profit” and about $115 million in  damages.

  • 0:20′ accuse of … – oskarżać o …
  • 0:30′ settlement – ugoda
  • 0:59′ mislead customers – wprowadzić klientów w błąd
  • 1:08′ fatal crashes – śmiertelne wypadki
  • 1:32′ put the order for … – złożyć zamówienie na …
  • 1:35′  delay purchase – opóźnić zakup
  • 1:58′ insufficient – niewystarczający
  • 2:40′ resume flights – ponownie uruchomić połączenia
  • 2:58′ ongoing process – trwający proces

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