Increasing Number of Flights. Zagadnienie egzaminacyjne: Pilot’s Career.

  • increase the number of flights – zwiększyć ilość lotów/ połączeń
  • high demand – wysokie zapotrzebowanie/ popyt
  • continuing uncertainty – trwająca/ przedłużająca się niepewność


Easyjet has announced it will increase the number of flights scheduled due to high demand, despite the continuing uncertainty caused by coronavirus.

  • bookings are performing better than expected – rezerwacje wyglądają lepiej niż oczekiwano
  • expand schedule – zwiększyć ilość połączeń
  • capacity – możliwości

Johan Lundgren, CEO of the airline, said the increase in capacity will start over the next two months.

I am really encouraged that we have seen higher than expected levels of demand with a load factor of 84 per cent in July with destinations like Faro and Nice remaining popular with customers. Our bookings for the remainder of the summer are performing better than expected and as a result we have decided to expand our schedule over the fourth quarter to fly 40 per cent of capacity. This increased flying will allow us to connect even more customers to family or friends and to take the breaks they have worked hard for.

  • global impact of coronavirus – globally wpływ/ uderzenie koronawirusa
  • resume services – przywrócić/ uruchomić ponownie połączenia
  • domestic routes – trasy/ połączenia krajowe

The airline had previously only expected to operate at 30 per cent of its normal capacity. Easyjet grounded its entire fleet on 30 March due to the global impact of coronavirusThe airline resumed its services on 15 June initially with just 10 aircraft focusing on domestic routes. There were also a handful of flights to France and Italy.

  • due to demand – ze względu na zapotrzebowanie/ popyt
  • relaxation of government restrictions – poluzowanie rządowych ograniczeń/ restrykcji
  • uplift in demand – wzrost zapotrzebowania
  • make a loss – przynosić straty
  • currently go through restructuring process – obecnie przechodzić proces restrukturyzacji
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Due to demand and the relaxation of government restrictions, this was increased to 147 in July. In August, this will peak to around 210. Despite the uplift in demand, the company still made a loss of £324.5m before tax. The airline is currently going through a restructuring process and is looking to reduce its staff by 30 per cent.

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