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Improving Pilot’s Performance. Bardzo przydatne słownictwo.

  • detect change – dostrzegać / wykrywać zmianę 
  • changes occur gradually – zmiany, które zachodzą stopniowo
  • fall victim to … – paść ofiarą …
  • notice indications – dostrzec wskazania/ informacje
  • display – wyświetlać / ukazywać
  • distract – rozpraszać – dekoncentrować
  • accomplish an important task – wykonywać ważne zadanie

Nagranie wymowy:

Humans are very poor at detecting change, especially if the change occurs gradually, or during a period when their minds are otherwise engaged. Many of us have fallen victim to this very human feature. Perhaps you have looked directly at an engine oil pressure gauge and failed to notice its indication… or what it was displaying  only a few minutes earlier? You looked, but did not see. Or possibly you have found yourself in a situation where you were distractedat the very moment you needed to accomplish an important task.

  • change blindness – ignorowanie zmian
  • inattention blindness – niezamierzone ignorowanie
  • accomplish multiple tasks – realizować wiele zadań
  • in very quick succession – błyskawicznie następujące po sobie …
  • immediately capture attention – natychmiast przyciągnąć uwagę
  • continually maintain attention – stale utrzymywać uwagę

Change Blindness (CB) and Inattentional Blindness (IB) are very real problems for all humans, but may have dangerous consequences for pilots. Pilots must be prepared to accomplish multiple tasks , sometimes in very quick succession . Until recently, helicopter cockpits have been bursting with switches and gauges. All of them designed to immediately capture, or continually maintain, the attention  of the pilot.

  • improve awareness and safety – zwiększać poziom świadomości i bezpieczeństwa
  • out of range – poza zakresem / poza standardem
  • notify the pilot – zawiadomić pilota
  • effective – skuteczny
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So how does the Part Time Display Concept help solve the danger of CB and IB? This design concept improves both awareness and safety . During flight, Helionix continually monitors the aircraft systems and will immediately inform the pilot when/if any vehicle or engine parameter(s) are out of range. The pilot doesn’t need to monitor parameters such as oil pressures or temperatures, torque, TOT (transmission oil temperature). Helionix will notify the pilot via an appropriate message within the message zone of the FND (Flight and Nav Display). The concept is not only brilliant…but it is effective !

  • 1:17′ conduct a test flight – odbyć lot próbny
  • 1:24′ reduce the workload – zmniejszyć obciążenie pracą/ zadaniami
  • 1:28′ amazing improvement on the previous model – niesamowity postęp w stosunku do poprzedniego modelu

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Moduł językowy opracowany na podstawie artykułu: 'Understanding Human Behavior is the Path to Safety’, Bruce Webb, Airbus Helicopters.