Piper Accident in Preliminary Report. ICAO 4: wypadki lotnicze.

  • training aircraft will remain grounded- treningowe/ szkoleniowe samoloty pozostaną uziemione
  • flown by …- pilotowany przez …

An Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University spokesman confirmed the flight school’s fleet of Piper Arrow training aircraft will remain grounded for the foreseeable future following the recent morning crash of a PA28R  flown by a student on a flight test. The left wing of the aircraft separated from the airplane shortly after the pilot completed a touch and go landing on runway 25 Left at Daytona Beach International airport (DAB).

  • data indicated- dane wskazały
  • climb to … –  wznieść się do … / osiągnąć pułap …
  • left wing separated from the fuselage – lewe skrzydło odpadło od kadłuba
  • perish in the accident- zginąć w wypadku

Radar data indicated the Piper climbed to  900 feet heading southwest before radar contact was lost. A number of eye witnesses within a half mile of the aircraft all reported the aircraft operating normally until the left wing separated from the fuselage and landed in a field a few hundred feet from where the main fuselage came to rest. Both the pilot and the designated pilot examiner aboard the aircraft perished in the accident.

  • … was not a factor in the accident- ….nie była czynnikiem/ przyczyną katastrofy. 

DAB reported that weather was not a factor in the accident as winds were light, visibility was good  and cloud layer was high.

Źródło: National Transport Safety Board


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