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’More Women in Aviation' Conference. Zagadnienie egzaminacyjne: job market in aviation

seek careers in aviation- poszukiwać zatrudnienia w lotnictwie
The  annual Women in Aviation International Conference was held online from Nevada to  inspire women to seek careers in aviation.

  • meet with potential employers – spotkać się z potencjalnymi pracodawcami
  • exhibits – wystawy
  • workshops – warsztaty/ zajęcia/ konferencje
  • interviews – tutaj: rozmowy kwalifikacyjne
  • advance careers – rozwijać karierę

Each year, the conference provides women and men a place to meet with potential employers and to learn more about aviation careers. Inspirational speakers, exhibits, workshops, on-site interviews and more are offered. A long list of scholarships, totaling tens of thousands of dollars, was handed out during the next few days to deserving women who want to advance careers.

  • make progress – robić postępy
  • 6.33 percent of the commercial pilot population comprises women – kobiety stanowią 6,33% wśród pilotów linii lotniczych

Institute of Women of Aviation Worldwide (iWOA) broke records last year with 61,000 women participating, an increase of 15 percent over previous year.  While progress is being made, there is still a long way to go to normalize the percentage of women pilots. Currently, only 6.33 percent of the commercial pilot population comprises women, a number that has increased from 4.7 percent about a decade ago.

Watch HERE the presentation on real women / real pilots

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