Runway Incursion. Vocabulary + questions/ exercises

  • unauthorized – without permission
  • obey the rules – respect the rules
  • act according to the instructions – abide by instructions
  • advise the ATC – inform

Runway Incursion- unauthorized  entry to the runway by the vehicle/ person/ object. This situation is dangerous for the aircraft which is taking off or landing. The reason of the runway incursion may be the driver who didn’t obey the rules, the error of the air traffic controller or the pilot who didn’t act according to the instruction. It may be also disorientation problems with the marking or the lighting. Sometimes the weather conditions like the fog may also play the part. If you ever enter the runway in an unauthorized manner, you should leave it immediately and advise the ATC on what happened.

Pay attention to differences in meaning:.

  •  taxi towards… and taxi to…
  • runway holding position markings- places where aircraft must stop before it gets the information from the tower on the permission to cross

Please watch the video and  say in 5 sentences what happened. Use Past Tense.

  • 0:12′ involved in 
  • 0:12′ intersecting runways
  • 1:35′ become distracted / lose track of time
  • 2:06′ focused on final preparations for takeoff
  • 2:37′ imminent danger


What happened?


Describe the situation? 


Some examples of follow-up questions:

  1. What should a pilot do to avoid the runway incursion?
  2. Why, in your opinion the message ‘go ahead’ when said by the air traffic controller may be inappropriate (nieodpowiednia)? The proper way to say is: ‘pass the message’.
  3. What does the message ‘hold short of runway 20’ mean?