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For the Cleanliness of Oceans. Airlines Reducing the Use of Plastics Cups/ Cutlery.

SHORT FILM FIRT:) Alaska Airlines going green

  • 0:05′ this goes into effect today
  • 0:16′ ditching plastic  in favour of marine friendly [np.solutions] ….  
  • 0:27′ bring more awareness to the world


  • attempt to reduce pollution in the world’s oceans

Airlines in Europe may need to comply with plastics ban proposed by the European Commission, a move that is an attempt to reduce pollution in the world’s oceans.

  •  the ban will target … 
  • implement reductions in …. 
  • replace with …

According to a European Commission press release, the ban would target single-use plastic commodities such as cutlery, plates, straws and drink stirrers. Some airlines have already implemented a reduction in their use of plastics. Ryanair has promised transition to using biodegradable cups, wooden cutlery and paper packaging on its aircraft by 2023. Additionally, Alaska Airlines will stop using plastic straws, and will replace single-use plastic stirrers with wooden picks in its lounges and airplanes starting July 16.

  • outline the benefits of …
  • lead the way 
  • create products that the world will demand for decades to come
  • precious and limited resources

Jyrki Katainen, vice president of the European Commission, outlined the benefits of banning single-use plastics in the press release.

“This is an opportunity for Europe to lead the way, creating products that the world will demand for decades to come, and extracting more economic value from our precious and limited resources,” he said.

  • if all plastics are banned
  • this will have a CO2 impact

However, Jon Godson, the IATA assistant director for aviation environment said that if all plastics are banned, then we end up in a situation where we have to return to ceramics and this will have a CO2 impact.

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